Swift Sports Coaching work alongside class teachers to cover PPA teacher time, delivering all sports included within the national P.E curriculum. Our staff are dedicated and invested in enhancing the provision provided at each school we work in partnership with. We integrate into each school setting and provide consistent members of staff to deliver lessons. We pride ourselves in giving teachers the peace of mind, that when they are away from their classroom to complete planning, preparation and assessment, the children are receiving an outstanding P.E lesson. Each lesson will have targeted outcomes and progression, differentiation, engaging competitions whilst achieving social, emotional and physical development. All members of the Swift team are experienced in leading comprehensive lessons, in both a classroom and P.E setting, offering a service that meets all your needs.

  • We forge strong working relationships with staff, children and families. 
  • We can design bespoke, tailored lesson plans which we can provide free of charge to your school or we can deliver a scheme of work of your choice, i.e Real PE or Val Sabin. 
  • Deliver lessons that are inclusive, versatile and differentiated. 
  • We can provide assessments, academic reports (in-line with Ofsted framework).
  • Our professional and experienced team are positive role models for children, ensuring their experience in sport and physical education is a positive one.  
  • Our staff have extensive backgrounds in primary school education, totalling 50 years combined experience, and hold relevant qualifications and outstanding subject knowledge from EYFS to Year 6. 
  • Behaviour management strategies are implemented in line with each school setting
  • Our team are experts in delivering all aspects of the curriculum including Gymnastics, Dance and Games.
  • We provide consistent, dedicated Primary P.E specialists to ensure continuity in delivery across all year groups for your setting, who are able to build positive relationships with staff, children and families. 
  • Our senior management team is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in planning, preparation and delivery of PPA cover in your school, we are always on hand to offer support. 
  • Children are able to; 
    • Build and improve key skills and fundamentals.
    • Develop their own technical ability.
    • Increase confidence within a range of different sporting activities.
    • Nurture a commitment to lifelong physical activity.
    • Understand their progression to date and how to further progress and to develop skills.
    • Experience and participate in a wide range of structured sports.

“Swift sports Coaching offer a unique combination of fun underpinned with effective teaching and behaviour managment. As a headteacher I find them trustworthy, repsonsible and reliable. Children always enjoy their lessons and after school clubs.”

Juliet Lambert, Headteacher

Broadway Infant School, Yate