After School Clubs



Swift Sports Coaching are specialists in delivering after school clubs for primary aged children, across Bristol & South Gloucestershire. We provide an inclusive, enjoyable and valuable experience for all. We present children with an opportunity to take part in a one hour sports session, running straight after school. All Swift Sports Coaching clubs operate on a 2 term basis, giving your children the time to learn and develop fundamental skills such as teamwork, leadership, confidence etc, as well as building and maintaining friendships .

We offer a wide range of sports specific clubs as well as multi sports for all primary  aged children. These clubs range from


Skools Out Club

Skools out is full of fun, fast paced playground games aimed at developing fundamental skills and building confindence through sports for children in key stage 1. Games include cops and robbers, parachute games, stuck in the mud and many more. Children will be award with a special Swift animal badge, each badge represents a value that we at Swift feel are an important aspect of not only sport but life; helpful hippo, resilient rhino, teamwork tiger.

Football Club

Our football clubs are a fun focused inclusive experience suitable for both boys and girls and children of all abilities. Every week a child will be awarded the player of the sessions and gets to keep the Swift trophy until the next session.

Dodgeball Club

Use your Dodgeball skills to dodge, duck, weave and jump your way to success! Play a variety of different dodgeball games suitable for years 3 to 6.

Basketball Club

Basketball is a fast paced gamed aimed at engaging children of all ages and abilities. At our Basketball clubs improve your hand eye coordination, skill and agility all while having fun with your new friends.

Hockey Club

Hit the field for a game of Hockey! All aged children can have the chance to try their hand at this exciting sport. Our highly trained staff can deliver quality coaching sessions improving your skills.

Multi-Sports Club

Multi sports a great way to have a taste of a variety of sports and mini games all in one energetic after school club. Improve your basic motor skills, health and wellbeing!

Self Defence

A great way to gain confidence and self esteem in a disciplined and safe environment. Our Black belt level instructors will help your children to develop control, coordination as well as fitness and wellbeing.

And many more (see letters in your school for details of all clubs on offer)

For more information please see your school office to find details of all clubs that are on offer, pick up a letter or CLICK HERE to book a space for your children