Lunchtime Support

Lunchtime clubs are a great way to add; purposeful, enriching and active participation in sport whilst adding structure to lunchtimes. Our supervised activities develop creative thinking, leadership, teamwork, communication and respect. Clubs end with a restorative discussion to ensure children return to their classroom environment with a positive mindset and are ready to learn.

We work closely with schools to understand their needs at lunchtime and to consider what works well for the children and staff. We have developed a range of innovative ideas that may be a solution to the busy lunchtime environment.

Lunch Time Mentoring
We can work with your school to identify children that are finding the daily lunchtime routine a challenge and engage them in 1:1 or small group activities, to help integrate them into the wider school environment. We will work on their social, emotional and physical skills and aim for children to return to their learning environment calm and ready to learn.

School Team Training
We can use the lunchtime period to work with children who represent the school teams and prepare them for upcoming fixtures, discuss tactics and work on outcomes from previous matches and enhance team cohesion.

Structured Play & Activities
Our staff can set up structured play spaces and work with dedicated groups organising fun & engaging games, providing lots of opportunities for children to be active and social in a controlled and safe environment.

Lunch Time Leaders
Together with class teachers we can identify a group of upper KS2 children to operate playground games for the younger children to enjoy. We will instil leadership, teamwork and organisation as well as behaviour management techniques, rules and basic safeguarding for the KS2 leaders under the supervision of our qualified coaches. Once leaders have the knowledge and skills to run the games they will lead daily/weekly sessions and our coaches step aside.

Swift Sports Team have been transformative in regards of our lunchtime provision. As school leaders, we had a vision of every child engaging in something they are interested and enjoy; Swift Sport have provided talented and dedicated Sports Staff who deliver this in terms of sport in its broadest of terms. From football to basketball, tennis and netball, the team deliver structure and support in a fun and friendly way.

Darren Brown, Headteacher

Longwell Green Primary School